An Invisible Sign

An Invisible Sign
An Invisible Sign

An Invisible Sign. This movie has Jessica Alba starring in it. The story is about a girl who like mathematics that gave up her every dream because of her father health’s problems. Then came an opportunity for her to teach math in school and she met a fellow teacher. The story is kinda sweet!

One of song I like from soundtrack of “An Invisible Sign”. Sunny Day by Joy Williams. It’s easy listening….
Click link below for download,
OST An Invisible Sign : Sunny Day by Joy Williams

My fav quotes from An Invisible Sign movie are…

“there comes a moment..
when you look around,
waiting for the person in charge to help you..
and then, you realize you’re the person in charge..
you are the grown up,
you’re the only grown up there..
and you’re not very good at it..”

“Love doesn’t mean you have
to sacrifice parts of yourself.
The whole is greater than
the sum of its parts.”

“Life is much, much harder than Math.”